Seeking Balance: You Have Arrived!

Every New Year, I create an intention for both my spiritual practice and the practice I share with others.  About 11 years ago, I came up with the intention of finding your balance.  My intent was to design yoga classes that balanced both the right and the left side, the yin and the yang, the ida and the pingala, the sun and the moon.  So often we move from posture to posture, place to place, moment to moment without taking notice of this sense of balance.  For example, switching the placement of fingers when changing sides in a yoga pose.  Or, noticing which nostril is more clear.  When you wake up in the morning, which eye is bigger? How about, which foot, left or right do you take your first step out the door with?

On Find Your Balance Me, you will discover many interesting tid bits, remedies, recipes, and opportunities to study with me.  Whether you learn from Blog Posts or participating in my Yoga Classes, signing up for Ayurvedic/Yoga Workshops, my intention 11 years later is to guide you toward Finding Your Balance.