Like a Heat Wave….Burning in my Heart…

Moon Bathing

It’s been a full on Pitta aggravating week here in Portsmouth, NH. Yup, we are camping out in Portsmouth at a lovely one bedroom apartment while our house that we bought almost a year ago, August 31, 2020, is being completely renovated. The renovation by the way, is a whole other blog post!

My perception has become cloudy as Jeff and I have spanned three seasons living like nomads, first in our basement, now an apartment, and the occasional hotel here and there to give our dog, Jiao Zi a bath. Is it the Heat that’s burning inside my heart or the inability to locate my favorite blue jean shorts?

Ha ha, I am just kidding(mostly), the heat outside has been stifling. I dig deep into my Ayurveda treasure chest and pull out remedies on the daily. Yesterday, I stopped off at a local farm on my way home from teaching to pick up fresh cilantro, green leafy vegetables, fresh red peppers and plums. Later in the day, I picked cucumbers from our garden seeking the perfect antidote for my “burning heart.” I discovered that while fresh cilantro is cooling, putting it in your water is not the most appetizing. Maybe that’s a me thing?

Some of my tried and true cooling remedies to keep the heat at bay:

  • Start your day with a refreshing coconut oil self-massage, less is more
  • Fill a pitcher with room temperature water, sliced cucumber, mint and quartered oranges, sip throughout the day
  • Sprinkle fresh chopped cilantro on your favorite summer time dishes
  • Add cucumber to your salads, drinking water, and use as a refreshing eye pillow
  • Treat yourself to a spritz of rose water on body and face….whenever
  • Stock your fridge with coconut water
  • Forget about Sun bathing, switch to Moon Bathing, cool off in the evenings by the light of the moon
  • As Linda Rondstadt sings, “Don’t Pass Up This Chance!” ie. Surrender with abandon, find playfulness in every moment

This has been a challenging time for all of us. And while it gets hotter outside; and, we may be finding ourselves struggling with current life circumstance, I go back to Linda Ronstadt, “It’s like a heat wave, burning inside my heart…… We are all on this journey together, Don’t Let the Heat Grind you Down!

With Love and Light,


2 thoughts on “Like a Heat Wave….Burning in my Heart…

  1. Jenny

    Thanks for the tips, Lisa. Very hot here in CH this weekend so will def be doing the cucumber thing. Great to hear how you’re getting on too 🙂


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