About Lisa

I still remember my first yoga class over 30 years ago above Merchants Bank in Burlington, Vermont. I was like a kid in a candy store, delighted, curious and hungry for more. Practicing yoga for several years thereafter, I decided to leave the world of hotel management and begin a whole new journey. I spent my summers training with David Swenson in Ashtanga Yoga and began teaching in 1999 after my second child, Haley was born . Since then, I have been fortunate to take my practice with me globally, training with tremendous teachers including Donna Farhi, Max Strom, Claire Norgate, Sarah Powers, Coby Kozlowski, Michelle Dalbec, Jonathan Foust, Scott Blossom and Larissa Carlson.

After living and teaching yoga in Puerto Rico for seven years, my husband, Jeff got transferred to Connecticut.  In 2008, my appetite got stronger driving me toward intensive study in Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga.  Kripalu training center was an hour drive from where we lived. With that same sense of curiousness and delight, I began an Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist Program.  The timing was perfect, I finished in 2009 just in time to move with my family to Beijing, China, another job transfer.  In China,  teaching yoga took on a whole new meaning as I learned to teach in both Chinese and English. During this period, I enrolled in a Distance/On Site Ayurvedic Health Counselor Program with The California College of Ayurveda where I completed both AHC Degree as well as Clinical Ayurvedic Theory, Level 2 Certification. Throughout my summers, I continued my training at Kripalu working toward 500 hour Ayurvedic/Kripalu yoga certifications.  In 2015, I completed my 500 hour certification in Ayurvedic Yoga, 2016 my 500 hours in Kripalu Yoga.

We spent 6 years in China.  The yoga/ayurveda community was just as curious as I was.  I lead many seasonal workshops covering both Ayurvedic Theory and Practice.  Taught yoga at various places including Western Academy of Beijing, Embassy House and Yoga Yard, the first yoga studio in Beijing!

In 2015, we picked up once again and moved to South Africa.  This move was different as my eldest daughter, Amanda was now entering her first year of college at University of Vermont and Haley would be joining us in Johannesburg.  My grounding point has always been yoga and more recently Ayurveda.  I quickly immersed myself in the community teaching yoga and leading Ayurvedic workshops and trainings.

Currently, my husband and I live in Switzerland.  We moved here in April 2018.   As I dive in to another new culture and community, I strive toward Finding My Balance.  Quickly indulging into the world of yoga and ayurveda, I continue to teach classes and create lifestyle regimens helping others move toward Finding Their Balance!