Looking for individualized support?  Whether you would like to explore yoga for your specific constitution or discover your body/mind type, I offer both private yoga lessons and Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultations.

Private Yoga Lessons: Designed to work within your individual needs focusing on stress reduction, breathing techniques, meditation and yoga for your specific constitution

Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultations: Before meeting one on one, I will ask you to fill out an Ayurvedic Evaluation, see if there are any special issues you would like to address  and finally ask you to keep a journal of your diet for the week prior.  Initial consultations last about 75 to 90 minutes and uncover your Individual Ayurvedic Constitution followed by a discussion on current lifestyle habits.  Based on your constitution and current areas of concern, I will suggest a daily regimen to balance both mind and body.  Regimen will include dietary recommendations, lifestyle suggestions, herbal supplements depending on situation and yoga, pranayama and meditation techniques.

Current Fees:

Private Yoga Lessons:

60 Minute Lessons: 110 CHF, Package of 5 Lessons, 500 CHF

75 Minute Lessons: 120 CHF, Package of 5 Lessons, 550 CHF

Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultations:

Initial  75-90 Minute Consultation: 140 CHF

Follow up 60 Minute Consultations: 100 CHF