AyurVedic and Yoga Offerings:

Join our Online Yoga Community with Twice Weekly Zoom Yoga Lesson

Discover Ancient Ayurvedic Treasures, Lifestyle and Nutrition Recommendations with One on One Ayurvedic Consultations

Explore Your Natal Chart with Vedic Astrology Readings

Online Zoom Yoga Classes: Offered Mondays at 10:00amEST, 4:00pmCET and Wednesdays 12:00pmEST 6:00pmCET  Slow and deep yoga flow designed to leave you feeling rejuvenated, strong and flexible in both mind and body.  Practice in the comfort of your home while receiving verbal cues, adjustments and cyber love.

First Class Free Leave Lisa a Message on Contact Page to receive your Free Zoom Invite!

Payment: Drop-In Zoom Yoga Classes

One hour Zoom Yoga Lesson


Payment: Class Package 10 Classes $120.00

Enjoy the Flexibility of Yoga from Home!


Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultations: One on one sessions, both in person and on zoom. Discover your unique Ayurvedic constitution while also getting in touch with current imbalances  After detailed discussion on present concerns, successes, dietary habits, lifestyle, and daily routine are discussed, specific Ayurvedic lifestyle recommendations will be outlined that will enhance your relationship to your particular constitution, your relationships and your environment. Initial sessions 75 minutes, follow up sessions are encouraged.

Ayurvedic Consultation


Vedic Astrology Readings: One on One sessions, both in person and on zoom. Find out your rising sign, position of the planets, and constellations at the exact time of your birth. And, how this Map, often referred to as the Map of Your Karma, can be a tool to learn more about yourself, family, relationships, status, career……. It’s almost like putting a puzzle together, fitting all the pieces to see the whole picture. Exact birth time and location needed for accurate analysis.

Vedic Consultations Both In person and on Zoom

Vedic Astrology Reading

Reading can be done both In-person or on zoom. Please note, Payment on sliding scale: $130.00- $200.00 Please enter the amount you are comfortable to donate.