Ayur/Yoga Services

Incorporate Ayurveda and Personalized Yoga Sessions into your daily routine.  A great opportunity to stay connected, healthy and safe as we all flow through theses extraordinary times.

Online Zoom Yoga Classes: Offered Mondays at 10:00amEST, 4:00pmCET and Wednesdays 12:00pmEST 6:00pmCET  Slow and deep yoga flow designed to leave you feeling rejuvenated, strong and flexible in both mind and body.  Practice in the comfort of your home while receiving verbal cues, adjustments and cyber love.

First Class Free Leave Lisa a Message on Contact Page to receive your Free Zoom Invite!

Payment: Online Zoom Yoga Classes

One hour Yoga Lesson, Practice in the comfort of your home while receiving verbal cues, adjustments and cyber love.


Private Yoga Lessons: Designed to work within your individual needs focusing on stress reduction, breathing techniques, meditation and yoga for your specific constitution

Payment: Private Yoga Lessons

Lessons designed uniquely for the student. Looking to expand your practice, learn more about pranayama? Treat yourself to a Private Lesson!


Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultations: One on one sessions where you will learn your unique Ayurvedic Prakruti (constitution).  And, get in touch with any vikruti’s(current imbalances).  After detailed discussion on present dietary habits, lifestyle and daily routine are discussed, I will make dietary, lifestyle and herbal recommendations that will enhance your relationship to your particular constitution allowing you to find balance and harmony within yourself, your relationships and your environment.  You will receive daily regimen outline, list of specific foods, spices and beverages appropriate for you and pranayama, yoga and meditation recommendations. Initial sessions last 75 to 90 minutes, follow up sessions are encouraged.

Ayurvedic Consultation

Discover your Prakruti! Dive deeper into your unique constitution looking and experiencing life through a new lens. Seasonal diet, yoga, herbs, meditation and pranayama tools suggested specifically for you.