Practicing Yoga Similar to Eating Locally?

IMG_1954  Living in Switzerland, I feel fortunate to be surrounded by local farms growing seasonal vegetables, fruits, flowers and even Christmas Trees.  Depending on where you are on the map geographically, it is often difficult to decipher what is local harvest and what is being imported.  In South Africa, there is an abundance of vegetables and fruits year round. And, the observant eye will still know when avocado’s are no longer in season, fresh berries hidden from shelves.  The streets of China become there own informant as you witness rickshaws arriving early morning to respective fruit vendors. In tow, the latest cropping from their rural surroundings. In the US, supermarkets overwhelm.  And, if you look closely this time of year, the produce section overflows with root vegetables, citrus fruits, dates and nuts ensconced in their shells.

Yes, eating locally can be similar to practicing yoga!

  • Cultivating mindfulness as you journey through your neighborhood supermarket. Noticing the abundance of produce indigenous to the winter season,  just like you might notice the many varieties of yoga being offered at your local studio. Both scenarios inviting choice.
  • Beginning to find nourishment “On and Off” the Yoga Mat. For instance, partaking in Yoga Asanas that bring the same fulfillment as your favorite dish.  Taking the time to plan your meals, diving in to the local harvest. Resulting in fulfillment from the inside out.
  • Experiencing what is present in the moment, not longing for the future and or the past.  Comparatively, staying focused on your yoga practice rather than mentally updating your calendar during child’s pose! In winter, choosing oranges over blueberries, butternut squash over asparagus.
  • Taking into consideration the qualities of food and your yoga practice. Such as, opting for moist, heavy and warm foods during the colder months. Favoring sweet potatoes, legumes and whole grains over salads, smoothies and ice cream. Winter time yoga also has its essence.  Practice resembles the same qualities we find in our winter diet i.e.  heating, juicy, and grounding. Spending more time in seated poses, engaging in syrupy hip openers.  Perhaps indulging in a longer shavasana covered with a toasty blanket just like you might linger over dessert?!


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