April Showers Bring May Flowers, And Hail?


It’s been over a month since I posted and it feels like yesterday! Back in March I was all jazzed up about the early Spring we were having here in Switzerland. The temperatures were getting warmer, the flowers beginning to bloom.  Fast forward 5 weeks, we are in the midst of Spring and it feels like winter! This morning I went for a mid-morning jog with my husband, temperatures were in the high 40’s, the sky overcast.  Toward the later part of the run it started raining which soon turned into hail.  I was sorry I didn’t wear gloves. My husband was sorry he didn’t wear a hat, the hail was crushing down on his balding head!

So why all this talk about the weather?! Well, Spring is clearly Kapha season.  Rainy, damp weather is expected, shoes getting stuck in gooey mud the norm. Our bodies also resemble this sense of defrost in the form of excess mucus. allergies and the common cold.

And, this Spring feels different. Temperatures are fluctuating between a high of 70 one week and a high of 48 the next. Our bodies are torn between defrost and freezing!  Ayurvedically speaking, there is a toss up between Vata, the winter dosha and Kapha  spring.  Vata being governed by movement is often thrown out of balance by fluctuating conditions.  Hence, now is a good time to make friends with your Vata qualities and work towards finding balance.  You may be feeling cold, light, mobile, ungrounded, agitated, and or forgetful?  Perfect time to find nourishment with warm, sweet, heavier foods.  Engage in a yoga practice that is more grounding as opposed to vigorous.  Wake up early and start the day with Nadi Shodana, alternate nostril breathing, to calm the nervous system and find balance between the desire to start your day with a bang or stay under your cozy covers.  And just as Vata dosha is governed by movement, be prepared for warmer weather to crop up and your daily routine to return to a more Kapha balancing practice of managing the defrosting temperatures both internally and externally.  More on that when the time comes!!

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