New Ayurveda/Yoga Class Offering!

img_2184  Interesting choice of posture on top of this beautiful mountain, hey? I am finding my root, searching for my ground given a few feet more and I am over the edge. Over the years, I find myself moving more and more toward a practice that is in alignment with the seasons, time of day and my particular prakruti.(constitution)  With the constant change in weather around me including heavy snowfall, intense wind, cold and today heavy rain;  I am less likely to invite my body into a vigorous practice that will deplete my energy stores, release an exorbitant amount of sweat and leave me feeling fatigued and shriveled up.   I need to conserve my energy to stay warm, nourish my spirit to feed my well being and lubricate my body to feel lush! Of course, I need to move my body, we all need to move our bodies, finding the juice and essence of feeling completely alive and radiant.

Hence, I am starting a new Ayurveda/Yoga class that will cater to the practitioner, the season and time of day. Together we will explore our current vikruti’s(current state of balance) and move toward finding the perfect balance between what is happening inside our bodies and minds with what is happening all around us.  There will be pranayama to ground our energies and on sluggish days boost them, yoga flow either dialed up or down depending on the gunas(qualities) we arrived to practice with, and relaxation geared toward leaving you inspired to branch out into the rest of your day. Yes, this class will begin in the morning, during the Kapha time of day!

We will meet at Sanapurna Center in Zurich Mondays and Thursdays at 9:15am-10:15am.  All levels are welcome to join on a drop in basis or with abo! For more information you can contact me directly or contact the center:

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