Upcoming Workshop: Kapha Crushing Spring Cleanse


While I don’t want to get ahead of myself and take out my spring wardrobe, I am beginning to see, hear, taste, touch and smell the presence of Spring all around me.  Buds are sprouting on bushes, the birds are starting to chirp, asparagus is now back on the shelves at Coop, fragrant spring flowers are popping up in garden stores and the ground below me is beginning to soften.  Is noticing enough or do we need to start preparing to transition from Winter to Spring?!  At this point, bringing awareness to the small changes around us is enough.  And, as we get closer, yes, there is some prep work to navigate our way into spring without getting sick, feeling sluggish, heavy, bloated and dull!  Not a coincidence that these are some of the qualities of Kapha Dosha when out of balance!  Kapha is the ayurvedic constitution associated with spring, it consists of the elements earth and water.  Hence, you can imagine with the onset of spring, when we feel the ground beginning to soften and our shoes tracking gooey mud; this soft, viscous liquid is not only surrounding our feet, it is also inside our bodies.  Keep reading, there is a solution!!  By slowly moving from a winter diet of heavier foods to a spring diet that is more reducing, discovering spices that stimulate, switching up our yoga/breathing practices and refining our sleep patterns, we can gracefully stroll into spring avoiding that gooey build up of fluids in the body, wooing us to feel mobile, light, energetic and ready to blossom!

On Saturday March 2 from 10:00am – 12:30pm at Sanapurna Yoga and Ayurveda Center in Zurich, I will be leading a workshop on transitioning from Winter to Spring with Ayurveda.  We will talk about moving toward a spicy, reducing Spring diet, learn about Kapha reducing cleansing techniques and engage in a Kapha Crushing Yoga Practice inviting you to fill your tool box with time tested ayurvedic remedies and lifestyle practices.  To register, visit Sanapurna’s website at https://www.sanapurna.ch

Looking forward to finding our balance together as we move toward Spring!



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